Monday, September 26, 2005


I was lost in my world of reflections
It was nothing but my own repressions

Why possessed by an indefinable mental agony
May be the obsession of an impending melancholy

Tuned the TV to see something to cheer me up
Turned it off, as the screen projected the hurricane

What made the mother nature so crazy and frenzy
To sweep of the creations of man’s toil and fancy

In a haste to save lives, they flew off to safer shelters
In a waste, everything left, what they saved in clusters

Nature roaring against the increasing human assaults
Warns us, to leave her in peace with no more tumults

The flowers with colours and birds with their songs
Through them nature smiles to inspire our souls

The tides and winds that sparked the fire in many of us
Now stoops with open mouths to gulp, stunning all of us

Nature and its ways are like an uncertain harvest
Not always promising as she may burst in tempest

She is miraculous, mysterious and too mischievous
Almost always generous but sometimes dolorous

No doubt, nature is our best friend in solitude
Nothing is at par with what she offers in multitude

Be close to her, to hear her throbs and feel her pulses
Once patient and quite , she will stabilize our pulses

You are my" wonder"

Wondering I sat , why my thoughts are wandering to YOU
Whoever you are to me, but you make my senses swing
Oh! I wish i could be everything you want me to be
But alas, all these just a flying flash of fantasy ?

Once in life we meet such a mate ,hence I wish never to part

Why so late, why so far ,but you so close ,sighs my tied heart
Once i thought i am immune to you,but now i feel i am in tune
HO ! my god, why such turns, tell me am i going out of tune

Nice were those dreams where I saw you , just a step apart,

Near we were, though for a while , the moments I cherish a lot
You hugged and kissed me so warm, me just blinking with disbelief
As my heart was struck deeper than words or tears can explain

Days and nights danced away , as we dared to dream a lot

Days and nights are why so short , as we want to share a lot
Dreary though my daily set backs,daring not me to fight back
Dreadful never i feel again as u are there always to lean back.

Ever, have you thought, your words can make me soar

When you wisper "you are my love " mellowing my mind
Enchating !! shall i describe it , so rare a sensation it is
And so precious a gift you are to me, shall i hold you tight?

Reached are we almost at the spring of our life, and

With you, I know no bounds, I want to be a sweet little girl
To take you to my inner most heart and lock you there forever
To love, to adore, to worship you with all my being..

The Day to cherish!!

It was a pleasant starry summer night
He cried his way into this world
Though tired i streched a bit to see his face
And smiled to hide my tears of joy.

Ten months of carrying and cariing
Few hours of pantiung and paining
All seemed nothing as i felt great
Me too the mother of a small wonder

Days too short, nights so swift
But needed more time to sit and watch
The starry eyes, smile so cute and rosy cheeks
He was growing and glowing day by day

Days were restless and nights sleepless
Feel and feed him full, i was always alert
Feeling so rare, cannot feed back in words
Blissfull! i say when he sucked me for life

I was speechless, when he started his speech
Senseless though, but sensuous were his words
Pants became shorts and tops tightend so quickly
Years galloped now see!! he is an young man

It was a pleasant starry summer day
I cannot wait, to hear the clock chumming twelve
I rushed to his room, and kissed him to wake
Happy birthday!! my boy, once again you made my day!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


NATURE is there in you and me
In all its beauty and bounty,
Nature is god's ravishing mould
And man is god's rendezvous make.

Sun and its rays brighten the days
Head and brain activates our being
Moon in full so cool and soothing
Mind in moods mellows our spirits

Day and night two faces of nature
Joy and sorrow two phases of life
Seasons makes nature spectacular
Seasoned is our life with ups and down

Birds, flowers, are nature's darlings
Dreams ,hopes are men's throbbing
Nature is ever a marvelous teacher
Life is always a man's teacher

Nature glows with god's presence
As a noble soul is god's abode
Nature or human, all blended in one
With the divine force of love

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Dreaming Damzel

Slowly slowly sleep slaved my senses
As I stretched to sigh away the strenuous day
Slowly the breeze swept away my sweat
As the sky was all set to stage a water show.
Mildly someone kissed me to wake up
As It is my mother, so close with her soothing smile
Mildly she was whispering in my ears, with joy
As it was my wedding day,to dress me a darling bride.
Merrily everyone grouping here and there
As spring was the season inside me and outside
Merrily my heart pouncing, and thoughts fluttering
As an unusual tickle inside, when I thought of my prince
Closely my man was nearing me, with his eyes on me
As I stand there in a daze, eyes glowing with
Closely I felt his warmth, a feeling fine and rare
As he hugged and kissed me, ho! see, I am blushing so red!
Gaily I felt as we floated hand in hand to the dias
As in the midst of ecstasy, noticed not my mother's tears
Gaily if only my father was there to bless me
As drops of tears fled on my cheeks, to drag me to my world
Quietly I woke up, "alas' to find it was not my tears
As I was on bed, rain drops oozing through the rotten roof
Quietly I was lamenting, a single rain drop marred my joy
As I cherished at least in dreams I would have been married
Slowly I returned to my world, I am no one but an orphan
As I have mother only in dreams, and father long ago dead
Slowly I bowed to God, for the dreams I am blessed with
As for not these dreams, the world is too dull to live in.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Once again the Special day is at your doorstep ,
Once in a year it peeps in, so not just another day

Still, to me you are a cherubic little smiling kid
Still, the years say, you are a grown up lovely damsel

“Happy birthday”, wish I were with you to see you glow
‘Happy birthday’ wishes are always with you to blow

You are my brother’s darling kid , and so is to all of us
You are a real bliss, you know, for being the very best

I have no wrapped gifts to give you or no money spent
I am with so simple a gift, few words wrapped with love

Let Smile be your strength, and words be your sword
Let tender be your thoughts, but dynamic in deeds

Let life be a garden for you, with lot of blooms and hues
Let not any thorn to wink in, Armour yourself to win

All my wishes are tied in these words, hope to bring you luck
All I have to say is, you are always thought with love and care

So many things I want to give, but now wrote only this poem
So many wishes this carries, be the happiest girl my dear!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Be like the ‘SUN’

Hours I sat gazing at the blazing sun
The ever tireless source of light and heat
Sun rises everyday, nothing is as sure as this
Always in sweaty shift, and no time to sleep

Winged winds sometimes cripples his warmth
But never withered by these flimsy forces
Freezing ice and flashing rains humble his rays
But never retires, as always ready to retreat.

Due to dreary days, and numbing nights
Dare we not to thrive, but daily do we cry,
Days stretch off, brooding and dreaming
Dear, It is high time, for us to rise and revive

Why not we be like the Sun, my mind gallops
Days to work, and nights to rest, fit for the race
We live only once, leave nothing for the next
Success be our goal, never succumb when you fail.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


India has been always portrayed as a land of religion and temples. It is spiced with mysterious mythologies and spontaneous spirituality. But in recent years, this image is tarred by the frequent religious riots sprouting for no reason. Places of worship are no more peaceful or pleasant. At this juncture it would be apt and timely to think of a place where the age old saga of India "Unity in diversity" prevails in all its essence. I wish to take you to Kerala, the extreme end of India, where still nature flutters in her bounteous beauty.

Sabarimala, the hill shrine of Lord Ayyappa, which is in the western hills of India, is matchless in many ways. No wonder it is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India. This temple is enchanting not only because of its religious adaptability but also for the unique place it is situated. It stands aloft in the depth of Sahya forest, enshrining Lord Ayyappa, as the deity of all times, for all people irrespective of their religion.

Millions of people from all over the world, undertake this strenuous pilgrimage every year. The unique feature of this temple is that it is open to people belonging to any faith, transcending the man made barriers of caste, creed, race, nationality etc, so it stands as a symbol of religious unity and communal harmony. Legends describe, Ayyappa as the son of Lord Shiva and lord Vishnu (Mohini).

A pilgrimage to this hill shrine includes arduous austerities, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically before you undertake this mini trek through the western ghats. As preparation to take over this holy walk, we have to adhere to 41 days of rigorous fasting, celibacy, meditation and prayer. The bare footed travel through the thorny paths, is made easier by the thought of the ‘darshan’ (Vision) of the Lord Ayyapa, and his divinity. Once we reach the shrine, eighteen steps which are very sacred, lead us to the sanctum. Another specialty is that, unlike other temples it is opened only for limited days.( the Mandalam festival covering 41 days from November 15 to December 26; the Makaravilakku from January 1-14; on Vishu, on April14 and smaller festivals during May, June, August and September(Onam)

The main attraction and the most mysterious event here is the Makara Jyothi (on January, 14). On that evening, the statue of Ayyappa is embellished with all traditional ornaments. The whole place vibrates with the chanting of Ayyapa mantra, by the devotees, waiting there to see that divine event. Then there flashes a brilliant light, between the hills, with sparkling magnificence. Believe it or not, it is the most blissful feast to your mind and eyes. That vision makes all your strains and sacrifices fruitful. Legends explain the source of this light as from Devas and saints, who live in the other world.

This temple and its ways symbolizes the need of the hour, no discrimination in the name of your faith or breed, place or nationality. All are one and equal before the Almighty. Here Vavar a Muslim is worshipped as Ayyappa's lieutenant, and don't blink when I say that it is a Muslim priest who distributes the holy Prasad here. Thousands of lovely songs are sung on Ayyappa , and I would like to mention the name of a well known singer here. Mr. Jesudas, a Christian by birth, is an ardent devotee and the songs rendered by him have enlivened many. Once you indulge in this pilgrimage you address each other as Ayyappa, all attire in simple clothes. No segregation on the basis of money you have, or the post you hold, all equal before God.

As the temple gives us a lofty view of the mountains and valleys near by, it also provides us with the most lofty cult of humanitarianism, unmatched and unparallel anywhere. If Hinduism is taken as a way of life, as it is meant to be, this Ayyappa cult is the cream of it. So itself, it is universal, timely and practical.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

To say or not to say

At last I was whispering " you know how much I Love you, if only you hear my heart" .She turned and asked , " Vasanth, what was that,...come again " but I was speechless.... She was giving the wedding card to all her friends, and gasping in between to answer their naughty queries. This is the last chance for me , to reveal, to bring her to my world, , but I am standing here dumb as if resigning myself to the inevitable.

The day I met her is fresh in my memory. It was our first day in the college , all were busy with the routine hand shakes and introductions. I found her standing there alone, leaning on the wall . With sheer curiosity I approached her " Hai , I am Vasanth, why not in the crowd". For the first time.. I saw the instant blush of a girl, and in no time she was flying away. I cannot, but frown at her immature gesture .

The days were dancing away , as all of us had become close enough to hear and share . She was also there in the class. It was on one Friday , I think, I was reading some interesting stuff , so didn't notice her standing so near to me, "hello , I am Kavitha and sorry the other day I behave like that ", I was really excited and for sometimes we were talking this and that. I don't know why , but I was having a new sensation. Then she waved at me and went away with her friends.

As days slipped through we became very good friends, she, me and her friend Neena. For anything and everything she used to turn to me, no wonder I started to have fancied dreams , Her presence was always felt with that cherubic smile , bubbling with innocence. She was never stingy in smiles, and that was her specialty too. Never I missed a chance to be with her, to talk with her, to watch her eyes. To be frank she was not at all a ravishing beauty, but she was like breeze tender and soft., always boiling with passion and full of life .Every time I heard her voice my heart used to race, an unusual stirring inside. I know it is too early to assume anything, even then I was under real rapture. Yes , It was sure this is nothing but the mystery and wonder of being in love. Always I hankered for her presence, as there is no part in a man , which won't get pleasure from the woman he wants to be with. Many times I strengthened myself to tell her the tale of my heart, but the thought that she may reject and may lose her for ever, forced me to repress.

It was two years course, and almost 18 months flashed away. I was always confounded, how to pour out my soul. No more I can bear this stinging pain of uncertainty , as there in her eyes I could not read concealed! . Wednesday was always a good day for me, I equipped myself with words and thoughts, no more fluttering , to say or not to say . I found her sitting there alone, in the lawn as Neena was on leave. She saw me from far , and waved at me...."Vasnath I want to talk to you." ho what a good start ,I was beaming with confidence. She was very casual with no tension, that made me suspect , what she is going to say...if only she made it all easy for me.. I wished.. I could hear her "See Vasu , be frank with me, U like love marriage or arranged one? Thank God she is coming to the same point..." " Of course love marriage” , I was ready with answer, you know Kavee , one birth is not enough to go through this magic of love, have u ever been in love dear" I managed to say that.. But she was there with her usual if she hadn't heard me at all , continued with her talk ,' hey, there is an engagement ceremony at our home, only very few I have told, so I wish u should come for that, okay, and keep it a secret " . I was confused , in haste I grabbed her hand, and was rather pleading , "why in such a hurry Kavi, u never told me," Before I could say anything more she freed herself from my grip and joined a group of girls who passed by But I could detect some strange range of emotions in her face, may be an illusion .I was totally wrecked. .as I got my entire within shattered at the thought that, she is going to marry, someone else

The days went by panting and sighing, as she didn't show up for almost one week. And the next time when I met her .she was there with that wedding card....I was not hearing what she was saying to her friends. With the card in my hand, was dragging myself away from that crowd , to be alone, cursing myself. How long I was sitting there I don't know, then could feel a soothing hand on my shoulder, slowly look up "Hey anything wrong Vasu, so sad and sobbing" ...she with all her grace .. no more I can control..., with all my love I gulped her into my hold,..." Why Kavee, You know , you are my life and how can u leave me, why...why in such a hurry to marry, don't you feel my love dear ..I was rather melting, and I waited her to make her more I could speak .there was pregnant silence for sometime....

As if in a dream I could feel her arms round me, so tight "Stupid, what are You blabbering, first you open the card and see, it is my brother's invitation ...." I cannot blink back my tears, it was flooding down my cheeks ,and rest of her words flew like honey into my heart. “You see Vasu, I wish it was our wedding card, we together inviting all ,. You and me, let us live that dream…"Her words were ringing with an irresistible appeal. It was tacit that, she couldn't even weep. I felt that her love for me struck deeper than tears could have eased. For how long we stand like that, I don't know. She woke me up with a tender kiss, then once again she was moving away from me, .but this time leaving her heart with me, to love, to nourish, life long. I felt I am the happiest man, with my fond wish to walk hand in hand with her, through the thick and thin forever.