Monday, April 11, 2011

Dos and Don’ts

Life is nothing but a lagging list of
Dos and Don’ts and ifs and buts.
Many dance to the tune they prefer
But few succumb and suffer to sustain.

Faith is the foundation of all bonds
Fragile it becomes if frequently fathomed.
Devotion is an extreme state of faith
A total submission and obsession.

Detachment is solicited once totally merged,
But attachment remains the basic human instinct.
Blind worship makes you fatigued
Bounded you remain, no more bounces.

Bonds of any kind are bounty but bounding,
But without these bonds you are a loner.
Being a social animal, how long you will remain?
Behind some mask hiding and bereaving.

Worry a lot but never wish to wither,
Whirled though we are, withstand with vigour.
With someone to live for, we feel like winged,
With no one waiting, we are just vagabonds.

Many times we are forced to say blunt ‘Nos’,
But quiet often it denotes yearning ‘Yeses’.
Dos and don’ts are just protecting fences,
Ifs and buts are tools to curtail our fancies.

Our mind is like a child, frowns at reality,
Fights for its whims and abide till the end.
Weeps to obtain, once gained aims at another.
It never says enough nor fulfilled.

Setting limits is there in our social setup
Settle with it, to armour our mental setup
Setting sun never looks back at the bygone day
Settle with the present to battle with the future.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let them not vanish

Let them not vanish

The night was calm and cool, perfect for a sound sleep .But my son was disturbed and complaining, “not feeling sleepy”. I was so tired after the day’s work, so patted him and once again doomed into deep sleep.

As if in dream, I could hear someone weeping. That brought me back to senses. My son was standing near the window and crying. I rushed to him to find, what went wrong. He was staring at the stars and tears flooding down his cheeks.

Brushing his hair I asked, “Why dear, standing here and looking at sky?”

His answer really amazed me and made me thoughtful.

“Amma, once you told me, your grandma is now with stars. I am searching for her among them, so that I can ask her to come back”.

I could recollect, what I told him few days back. When ever we kids felt sleepless or fearful at night our grandma used to keep us close, told stories and sang poems to make us doze. So now he wants that grandma to come back to sooth him, to curdle him. In my tiredness I forgot what he needs. I took him to bed and held him close and lulled him to sleep. But those thoughts of that seven years old boy, left me pondering. The flowery memories of my grandma made my eyes wet.

No more I could sleep, so went to take my marriage album, to have a glance of my grandma. The best snap of the lot is ; where she leads me to my groom, myself holding her so tight. I wished for her touch, to be with her, so took off that snap and stretched on the bed with it pasted on my bosom. In many occasions in life we too become childlike. The best thing she had ever done to me and my siblings is that , she gave birth to such an elegant man as our father and found a real “Stree rethnam “ as his wife

Not that she was extra ordinary or unearthly, but just that she was unique in many ways. We all lived together, my parents, my two brothers and two sisters, our grandparents and chithappas and athais . Days were very happy with all the ingredients of a smooth sailing joint family. Mutual love, care, money and laughs all were there in plenty- needless to say we were neighbor’s envy.

As I remember, our grandma was the anchor of the family. Though we had lot of servants she never let us remain idle. Even from the age of nine or ten we were taught to do our own works, washing, cleaning etc, so the first lessons of self sufficiency and hard work.

Once the lamp is lighted at 6.30 pm we kids were to assemble in the Pooja room. She gave the lead and we all recited the slogas. Not that we understood the meaning, but we learn the art of ‘by heartening’ even difficult lines and lyrics. But once we finish it, she used to explain the essence of it. Thus the varied deities of our religion and the purpose of their being expounded to us.

Never we were late for our dinner, as it was our story time. No dining tables in those days, so we formed a circle, Grandma seated in the center. She used to feed us, still I wonder what made that food so tastier. She was a treasure house of all kind of stories- Epics, Vedas, Purina’s, Fantasies, none she left untouched. Characters were enlivened, episodes were picturized in such a way that we got a feel of living with them. It was when I was fifteen, I read Ramayana and Mahabharatha for the first time, but there nothing was new to me, all scenes and characters as familiar as next door uncle .

She was not educated at all, might have gone to school for two, three years
But her flaw less usage of language was simply superb. She knew when and where to greet with “thank you”, “best of luck” etc , so itself she was very popular among our friends . She with her abundance of knowledge and correct updating of it always made us proud. While our grandpa was reserved and made us shiver in many occasions, she was just an incarnation of love and affection. But they were perfect couple, may be due to this contradictory combination

She was a strict disciplinarian, never fails to punish us if we do something wrong. One day I was entering the home, back from school. She had tied my elder brother in a pillar, and all standing there spellbound. She came there with some green paste in her hand. She opened his eyes and applied that paste. Poor guy, he was shouting and groaning with pain, as it was green chilly paste. I was really terrified and was not even bold to ask what made her so cruel. Later came to know that my brother had stolen some money to give to his friends. He was caught and was being punished. But a most truthful and trustworthy man was being formed there, he can be called the Harischandra of our family

Still I remember those two days when we, her children, grandchildren all gathered together to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday. She was so busy arranging things and hosting the arriving guests. Myself, my hubby and son all went there one day prior, no one should miss such priceless moments. We all were assembled in a big hall, for lunch, a real hubbub everywhere. As we a were meeting after a long time, many stories we had to hear and share . My stomach was slightly upset and so I was not gulping food as usual. Even I was not aware of that.

“Santhi,” it was my grandma’s call, “ Why u are not eating as usual, are you not well?” wow, I was surprised, Almost 50 to 60 persons seated there and amidst that she could notice that I am not normal. IN no time she was back with a glass of drink for me.

“Gulp it, you will be alright “, so confident she was. Needless to say by dinner time my stomach was perfect. May be a silly episode, but the care she had and shown was her sweetness. She was our family doctor too

In olden days, vast farms with different kinds of trees and vegetables was a common feature of big houses in Kerala. Cows and dogs added to the population. She and my mother woke up early, even before sun shows up. Mother would be busy in kitchen and grandma would make a visit to her garden, and just a casual” hello, hello” with her pet animals, thus started her days. She was an expert in milking the cows and at emergency could even be a mid wife for their delivery. My elder sister had inherited these knacks from her . But I was always a spectator.

Wow, one special thing I forgot, she was the “Carams champion” of our home In amazing speed she would pocket all the coins, and would sit and watch as if she knows nothing. Sleeping was never her hobby as she spent her leisure time with reading and making beautiful pieces of handicrafts and my mom was her best companion .

I was not able, to be with her during her last days. She is there in what ever we do, in cooking, talking, writing and even our thoughts reflects her mostly. To be precise, we all have “She and her personality “ in us. So much was her influence as our moulder and mender. She was eighty when she left us all to join the celestial, the day I cried most. May be I was unlucky , I was not in time to see her mortal remaining .In a way it is good , as u see, even now she is alive in my mind as that most active lady I had ever met in my life . I cannot even imagine, she lying there life less. Now almost 8 years flown, she is not with us, but still she lingers in our thoughts as sweet as ever. Many times she do me the favour of coming in dreams, no wonder I miss her a lot

Slowly I woke up to realize that I was dreaming of her, with her snap still glued to my chest.

I use to tell my kids that, we are really blessed to have the kinship of such great souls. I am not finding fault with today’s grandmas or mothers but wish if only we realize what our kids miss now.

Old customs. methods or norms of life will change according to the time and needs. But there are some valuable relations and feelings in our day to day life, which we should allow our children to have and enjoy. All of us are in a hurry to do advance booking to far off places during vacation time. But why not we think of taking our kids to those places where our parents live, or bring them to live with us? Are we not obliged to give our kids the pleasure and bliss of having the warmth of these loving hearts at least for a while . While we provide them with all modern luxuries ,why deny this most priceless moments ? Education starts from home, are they not the expert teachers? Let our kids hear their stories and share their experiences, it is hundred times worth reading any story books.

Being Sunday I woke up late, but with a clean picture of this vacation. I knelt down to kiss my son and whispered to him,

“ WE will take you to your grandma”

But a disturbing thought crept in, will today’s grandmas and grandfathers
switch off the daily serials , to meet with this kid’s expectations ..Anyway let us take a chance. I smiled to myself, with the satisfaction of making a right decision

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Safe And Sheltered

Heard the wind blowing fierce outside
Inhaled to feel whether it carried his smell

Could hear the rain drops beating on the roof
Listened to its tap-tap, may be his heart beats

Even in darkness, could see some flickers of light
Thought they were his flashing eyes searching for me

There was pregnant silence everywhere
Wished to hear him whispering my name

As hours drag on my sighs too stretched
Even tears began to blur and throat so dry

An unknown fear crept to confuse me
That he may not show up again ???

Still the mind said he cannot leave me
As long long ago we exchanged our hearts

Regained my hope and refreshed with joy
I slowly embraced a soothing nap

How I don't know, but I was in bed
His hands engulfing me so tight

Once again in his loving hold
Safe and sheltered, I slept peacefully

Friday, November 17, 2006

Home my sweet home!!!

Now sitting alone in the office canteen
I Let my thoughts to grab the years bygone

Could hear my mother's loving call
Rushed inside to find her serving our food

Sitting there I looked into her eyes,
Two pools brimmed with the nectar of love

Nothing is as soft as her hands that clasp
Always near to us but never binding

There comes my father peerless in all ways
With shoulder so strong for us to lean on

Safe in his hands, we dreamt a lot
He is a frontier, lofty like a tower

From no where flew my siblings to join
We all now gathered round the table

Life was so smooth, heart so light
Pages I need to picturise those days

Life was a song, flawless and flowery
Tuned so tender by my mom and dad

Passionate they were as deep in love
Not a code of discord, so perfect a symphony

Lessons of love, knitted our kinship
Laughs and tears always heard and shared

Five are we, the seeds they sow
Now plants with fruits ,for them to cuddle

Though not under the same roof always
Tightened is our ties as days went by

Home is where we all love to live
Home is where we all live with love

Monday, November 13, 2006

God’s gift

Never I feel lonely when I am with nature

How gorgeous she glows with God's Grace!!

The blue sky with passing snowy clouds

The lofty mountains posing so elegant

Rivers that giggle when tickled by rocks

The trees are green, so is the river side grass

Tender winds humming some soft tunes

The sleeping birds yet to wake up and wing

Oceans roaring so loud to embrace her shore

Shore in turn blushed to red with sun's rays

The crawling snakes to the trumpeting elephant

The sucking bee to the webbing spider

The dancing flowers colouring the world around

The growing trees with delicious fruits

Spare a minute to wait and watch

And get raptured by her matchless beauty

Spare a minute to lay on her lap

To share the most sweetest lullaby

Nature is god’s precious gift to man

Better we nurture the habit of loving her

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hopping with hope

Heart gets charmed by the beauty of a dawning day

Fresh like a virgin, as pure as snow

Seated on the wet garden bench

I set my heart on the lovely nature around

Watched the dazzling diamonds on the grass

Dews glowing at the touch of sunny rays

Birds in clusters wings off to far off places

Yet some love birds still lazy to leave

Hidden behind the thick green leaves

Cuddling each other with feather so soft

I stretched on the grassy bed, closing my eyes

The heat inside healed by the chillness around

Nature’s symphony penetrated my soul

Tune so tender, rendered with perfection

Birds not need any maestros to lead

Or flowing water never loses its rhythm

The soothing breeze swept my nerves

My strenuous body felt so relaxed

The maiden nature hued with flowers

Offering a feast of varied fragrance

Time passed so swift my senses locked in rapture

Someone was there to wake me to senses

Opened my eyes to see a cherubic beauty

A blooming child with a rose in her hand

Hugged her close and kissed her to thank

Once again a smiling child kindled me to sprout

Rose to my feet,to walk one more new day

Holding the child of hope, like a magic wand

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mind errs while conscience irks !!!

No one was around, as all slaved by sleep
But she was sleeples,steeped in her thoughts

No movements outside,not even a mumuring insect
But for her sighing heart beats

Hours dragging to grab the coming day
But her eyes dare not to close

Sleeples night so dry without any dreams
But still clinking to yesterday's magic

Conscience is always constant in confining
But the ecstacy was very much enticing

She rolled in discomfort, in total dismay
But nodded in consent,to their love's token

Mysterious is His ways to memerise we mortals
But how long to be mortified and mollified

Neither he nor she could deny the soul's similitude
But still her conscience pricks

Before the sun rays peep in she was under the shower
But not yet sure was it all a sin?

Rarely we are answered for all our frawns
But should we miss a chance to be in bliss?

Yesterday was her last day with her lover
But Today is her first day with her groom

Right or wrong? a turbulant war inside
But Right or wrong the moments were jubilent.