Saturday, October 07, 2006

Be Something

A scar is to be balmed
But not causing another
A tear is to be wiped
But not sweeping a smile

God's ways are mystic

TO make us hysteric
But he do give surprises
So never be depressed

To be in tune is not love
Love is to tune oneself
To find harmony in chaos
To 'stay' even in dismay

Bridled hundreds of hurdles
Bundled are they safely
To equip you to welcome more
Armoured with manly fortitude

IN the midst flashes some flickers
Blessings are they in disguise
Blissful you feel and blush forth
After all we mortal cannot shun away

Your eyes may glare with desire
Body and mind hankering forth
Even your dreams are harvesting
True A feeling never to discard

DReam or deem not a heaven on earth
Or cannot shake away those fences
But feed not that hellish fire to none
Try to be a new found paradise

THough not a flashing steam boat
Why not be a smooth sailing yach
Though not that mighty sun
Why not be a blinking candle?


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