Monday, September 26, 2005

You are my" wonder"

Wondering I sat , why my thoughts are wandering to YOU
Whoever you are to me, but you make my senses swing
Oh! I wish i could be everything you want me to be
But alas, all these just a flying flash of fantasy ?

Once in life we meet such a mate ,hence I wish never to part

Why so late, why so far ,but you so close ,sighs my tied heart
Once i thought i am immune to you,but now i feel i am in tune
HO ! my god, why such turns, tell me am i going out of tune

Nice were those dreams where I saw you , just a step apart,

Near we were, though for a while , the moments I cherish a lot
You hugged and kissed me so warm, me just blinking with disbelief
As my heart was struck deeper than words or tears can explain

Days and nights danced away , as we dared to dream a lot

Days and nights are why so short , as we want to share a lot
Dreary though my daily set backs,daring not me to fight back
Dreadful never i feel again as u are there always to lean back.

Ever, have you thought, your words can make me soar

When you wisper "you are my love " mellowing my mind
Enchating !! shall i describe it , so rare a sensation it is
And so precious a gift you are to me, shall i hold you tight?

Reached are we almost at the spring of our life, and

With you, I know no bounds, I want to be a sweet little girl
To take you to my inner most heart and lock you there forever
To love, to adore, to worship you with all my being..


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