Friday, September 16, 2005


Once again the Special day is at your doorstep ,
Once in a year it peeps in, so not just another day

Still, to me you are a cherubic little smiling kid
Still, the years say, you are a grown up lovely damsel

“Happy birthday”, wish I were with you to see you glow
‘Happy birthday’ wishes are always with you to blow

You are my brother’s darling kid , and so is to all of us
You are a real bliss, you know, for being the very best

I have no wrapped gifts to give you or no money spent
I am with so simple a gift, few words wrapped with love

Let Smile be your strength, and words be your sword
Let tender be your thoughts, but dynamic in deeds

Let life be a garden for you, with lot of blooms and hues
Let not any thorn to wink in, Armour yourself to win

All my wishes are tied in these words, hope to bring you luck
All I have to say is, you are always thought with love and care

So many things I want to give, but now wrote only this poem
So many wishes this carries, be the happiest girl my dear!!!


At 12:15 AM, Blogger Pete said...

The best wishes from the bottom of the heart is well expressed and written. I strongly believe that this proves that the gift in kind (material) is immaterial and what is written is the gift itself and a blessing beyond imagination.


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