Monday, September 19, 2005

The Dreaming Damzel

Slowly slowly sleep slaved my senses
As I stretched to sigh away the strenuous day
Slowly the breeze swept away my sweat
As the sky was all set to stage a water show.
Mildly someone kissed me to wake up
As It is my mother, so close with her soothing smile
Mildly she was whispering in my ears, with joy
As it was my wedding day,to dress me a darling bride.
Merrily everyone grouping here and there
As spring was the season inside me and outside
Merrily my heart pouncing, and thoughts fluttering
As an unusual tickle inside, when I thought of my prince
Closely my man was nearing me, with his eyes on me
As I stand there in a daze, eyes glowing with
Closely I felt his warmth, a feeling fine and rare
As he hugged and kissed me, ho! see, I am blushing so red!
Gaily I felt as we floated hand in hand to the dias
As in the midst of ecstasy, noticed not my mother's tears
Gaily if only my father was there to bless me
As drops of tears fled on my cheeks, to drag me to my world
Quietly I woke up, "alas' to find it was not my tears
As I was on bed, rain drops oozing through the rotten roof
Quietly I was lamenting, a single rain drop marred my joy
As I cherished at least in dreams I would have been married
Slowly I returned to my world, I am no one but an orphan
As I have mother only in dreams, and father long ago dead
Slowly I bowed to God, for the dreams I am blessed with
As for not these dreams, the world is too dull to live in.


At 8:47 AM, Blogger Moralstick said...

Beautiful revealing the inner beauty of the author !


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