Monday, September 26, 2005

The Day to cherish!!

It was a pleasant starry summer night
He cried his way into this world
Though tired i streched a bit to see his face
And smiled to hide my tears of joy.

Ten months of carrying and cariing
Few hours of pantiung and paining
All seemed nothing as i felt great
Me too the mother of a small wonder

Days too short, nights so swift
But needed more time to sit and watch
The starry eyes, smile so cute and rosy cheeks
He was growing and glowing day by day

Days were restless and nights sleepless
Feel and feed him full, i was always alert
Feeling so rare, cannot feed back in words
Blissfull! i say when he sucked me for life

I was speechless, when he started his speech
Senseless though, but sensuous were his words
Pants became shorts and tops tightend so quickly
Years galloped now see!! he is an young man

It was a pleasant starry summer day
I cannot wait, to hear the clock chumming twelve
I rushed to his room, and kissed him to wake
Happy birthday!! my boy, once again you made my day!!


At 3:06 AM, Blogger Koushik Krish said...

thanks mom... thats really a grt one for me :)

At 3:50 AM, Blogger Sivapriyan said...

This work is really good and it clearly explains the pain and joy of a mother who bore children. Good work


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