Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mind errs while conscience irks !!!

No one was around, as all slaved by sleep
But she was sleeples,steeped in her thoughts

No movements outside,not even a mumuring insect
But for her sighing heart beats

Hours dragging to grab the coming day
But her eyes dare not to close

Sleeples night so dry without any dreams
But still clinking to yesterday's magic

Conscience is always constant in confining
But the ecstacy was very much enticing

She rolled in discomfort, in total dismay
But nodded in consent,to their love's token

Mysterious is His ways to memerise we mortals
But how long to be mortified and mollified

Neither he nor she could deny the soul's similitude
But still her conscience pricks

Before the sun rays peep in she was under the shower
But not yet sure was it all a sin?

Rarely we are answered for all our frawns
But should we miss a chance to be in bliss?

Yesterday was her last day with her lover
But Today is her first day with her groom

Right or wrong? a turbulant war inside
But Right or wrong the moments were jubilent.


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