Friday, November 17, 2006

Home my sweet home!!!

Now sitting alone in the office canteen
I Let my thoughts to grab the years bygone

Could hear my mother's loving call
Rushed inside to find her serving our food

Sitting there I looked into her eyes,
Two pools brimmed with the nectar of love

Nothing is as soft as her hands that clasp
Always near to us but never binding

There comes my father peerless in all ways
With shoulder so strong for us to lean on

Safe in his hands, we dreamt a lot
He is a frontier, lofty like a tower

From no where flew my siblings to join
We all now gathered round the table

Life was so smooth, heart so light
Pages I need to picturise those days

Life was a song, flawless and flowery
Tuned so tender by my mom and dad

Passionate they were as deep in love
Not a code of discord, so perfect a symphony

Lessons of love, knitted our kinship
Laughs and tears always heard and shared

Five are we, the seeds they sow
Now plants with fruits ,for them to cuddle

Though not under the same roof always
Tightened is our ties as days went by

Home is where we all love to live
Home is where we all live with love

Monday, November 13, 2006

God’s gift

Never I feel lonely when I am with nature

How gorgeous she glows with God's Grace!!

The blue sky with passing snowy clouds

The lofty mountains posing so elegant

Rivers that giggle when tickled by rocks

The trees are green, so is the river side grass

Tender winds humming some soft tunes

The sleeping birds yet to wake up and wing

Oceans roaring so loud to embrace her shore

Shore in turn blushed to red with sun's rays

The crawling snakes to the trumpeting elephant

The sucking bee to the webbing spider

The dancing flowers colouring the world around

The growing trees with delicious fruits

Spare a minute to wait and watch

And get raptured by her matchless beauty

Spare a minute to lay on her lap

To share the most sweetest lullaby

Nature is god’s precious gift to man

Better we nurture the habit of loving her