Wednesday, March 08, 2006

late but not never!

life is spiceless when I brood
Why my grace withererd so fast

Many women with their flair and feats

Made me jelaous,I scorn at me as meak

Days crawled on,I hide myself in nooks

No one there to kindle me to sprout

Cursed me for being so bleak,even cried

Why I am made like this, of no use?

Each one is unique,a small wonder

If only I live up to these words

Echoes my mind that I am fertile,but

Deplores my physic of my age

Needs someone to sow the seeds
The seeds of courage and confidence

To take me to the front

To make me to seek within

Can hear a whisper from inside

"You are low to none, so rise to heights"

All these days I heed not to this voice
Time to try to take the world in my stride

Today is woman's day! me too proud
To be one among God's marvellous creation!!

Stood up,promising never to look back

Ready to take that road, which never I dared