Monday, April 11, 2011

Dos and Don’ts

Life is nothing but a lagging list of
Dos and Don’ts and ifs and buts.
Many dance to the tune they prefer
But few succumb and suffer to sustain.

Faith is the foundation of all bonds
Fragile it becomes if frequently fathomed.
Devotion is an extreme state of faith
A total submission and obsession.

Detachment is solicited once totally merged,
But attachment remains the basic human instinct.
Blind worship makes you fatigued
Bounded you remain, no more bounces.

Bonds of any kind are bounty but bounding,
But without these bonds you are a loner.
Being a social animal, how long you will remain?
Behind some mask hiding and bereaving.

Worry a lot but never wish to wither,
Whirled though we are, withstand with vigour.
With someone to live for, we feel like winged,
With no one waiting, we are just vagabonds.

Many times we are forced to say blunt ‘Nos’,
But quiet often it denotes yearning ‘Yeses’.
Dos and don’ts are just protecting fences,
Ifs and buts are tools to curtail our fancies.

Our mind is like a child, frowns at reality,
Fights for its whims and abide till the end.
Weeps to obtain, once gained aims at another.
It never says enough nor fulfilled.

Setting limits is there in our social setup
Settle with it, to armour our mental setup
Setting sun never looks back at the bygone day
Settle with the present to battle with the future.


At 9:54 AM, Blogger sankar said...

let me know all your writtings

At 9:55 AM, Blogger sankar said...

can i know more about you


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