Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hopping with hope

Heart gets charmed by the beauty of a dawning day

Fresh like a virgin, as pure as snow

Seated on the wet garden bench

I set my heart on the lovely nature around

Watched the dazzling diamonds on the grass

Dews glowing at the touch of sunny rays

Birds in clusters wings off to far off places

Yet some love birds still lazy to leave

Hidden behind the thick green leaves

Cuddling each other with feather so soft

I stretched on the grassy bed, closing my eyes

The heat inside healed by the chillness around

Nature’s symphony penetrated my soul

Tune so tender, rendered with perfection

Birds not need any maestros to lead

Or flowing water never loses its rhythm

The soothing breeze swept my nerves

My strenuous body felt so relaxed

The maiden nature hued with flowers

Offering a feast of varied fragrance

Time passed so swift my senses locked in rapture

Someone was there to wake me to senses

Opened my eyes to see a cherubic beauty

A blooming child with a rose in her hand

Hugged her close and kissed her to thank

Once again a smiling child kindled me to sprout

Rose to my feet,to walk one more new day

Holding the child of hope, like a magic wand

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mind errs while conscience irks !!!

No one was around, as all slaved by sleep
But she was sleeples,steeped in her thoughts

No movements outside,not even a mumuring insect
But for her sighing heart beats

Hours dragging to grab the coming day
But her eyes dare not to close

Sleeples night so dry without any dreams
But still clinking to yesterday's magic

Conscience is always constant in confining
But the ecstacy was very much enticing

She rolled in discomfort, in total dismay
But nodded in consent,to their love's token

Mysterious is His ways to memerise we mortals
But how long to be mortified and mollified

Neither he nor she could deny the soul's similitude
But still her conscience pricks

Before the sun rays peep in she was under the shower
But not yet sure was it all a sin?

Rarely we are answered for all our frawns
But should we miss a chance to be in bliss?

Yesterday was her last day with her lover
But Today is her first day with her groom

Right or wrong? a turbulant war inside
But Right or wrong the moments were jubilent.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Be Something

A scar is to be balmed
But not causing another
A tear is to be wiped
But not sweeping a smile

God's ways are mystic

TO make us hysteric
But he do give surprises
So never be depressed

To be in tune is not love
Love is to tune oneself
To find harmony in chaos
To 'stay' even in dismay

Bridled hundreds of hurdles
Bundled are they safely
To equip you to welcome more
Armoured with manly fortitude

IN the midst flashes some flickers
Blessings are they in disguise
Blissful you feel and blush forth
After all we mortal cannot shun away

Your eyes may glare with desire
Body and mind hankering forth
Even your dreams are harvesting
True A feeling never to discard

DReam or deem not a heaven on earth
Or cannot shake away those fences
But feed not that hellish fire to none
Try to be a new found paradise

THough not a flashing steam boat
Why not be a smooth sailing yach
Though not that mighty sun
Why not be a blinking candle?